Brazillbilly: Pappy (Gene) Merrits, Chris
Casello, Sam Kallous, Jesse Lee Jones.  Hey,
when you gotta gotta go.  At least
Tootsie's is good for
Paul Kramer
David Spicher
Marty Robbins (weird friend unknown)
Geoff Firebaugh
Hank Sr.'s  steel player Don Helms. Can
you say "Your Cheatin' Freakin' Heart"?
Me with Don Helms on steel, Chris Malpass singing
Hank, (just like Hank) and Ike Johnson chunking
out a rhythm on his Gibson.  If only Hank could see
us now....or perhaps he can? Do you see Hank  
peeking out behind Don's shoulder?

People I've Played With